I’ve had to put the IM stuff to one side recently as I’ve been busy with other things. So what have I learned so far?

1. Don’t launch a new site with loads of pages, especially if those pages don’t contain much text. Google will take forever to index it. Do a few pages at a time, and build things up slowly.

2. Text is everything. Good quality, unique text content is what really counts. I now aim for 300 words minimum per page, ideally 500 plus.

3. Try to get some links to your new page. I will usually try to link from my home page and also link from my Facebook page.

4. Pictures are good, with relevant Alt text, of course.

5. Reciprocal link building is hard work but worth the effort. I got one influential French music blog to link to CD-DJ from their front page and I’m getting loads of link juice from it.

6. Ezinearticles is a great way of both building links and getting traffic. Write a good, unique article and it will get picked up and used elsewhere. They seem to particularly like articles on a ‘My Top Ten’ theme.

7. Build a Facebook business page and post regular updates on your wall. Join other relevant pages and post links to your site on the wall there. For example, I posted a link to my page about some new Pioneer headphones on the Facebook page for fans of the CDJ-2000 deck. That got loads of traffic to my site. When linking like this from Facebook it is really useful if your page also has a relevant image. If it does, this will appear on your post as a funky little icon image. This looks much better than just a text posting.

8. Don’t keep tweaking stuff without taking the time to monitor the results. For example, when I change my Adsense layout I will now monitor the CTR for at least a week to see what the results are.

9. It is going to take time. Google sure isn’t in a rush to give new sites a decent page ranking.

10. Don’t expect to get rich quick!



Show me the money

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, some 40 days into my internet marketing campaign, just how are things going? Well, CD DJ had 17 unique visitors yesterday with 160 page views. These figures are increasing daily, which is rather pleasing.

Google webmaster tools is showing 37 pages “in web index”, out of a total of 105 pages, but it has been stuck on this level for some time now. If I search for site:mysitename it shows 44 results.

Yahoo is showing 348 backlinks. These have come from a couple of electronic music sites, Ezinearticles, this blog and various forum postings and signatures.

My traffic is coming primarily from Facebook, Ezinearticles and the music sites that have linked to me. I’m getting hardly any search engine traffic.

Is this good? Should I be pleased with the progress? I have no idea. Anyone care to comment?

As abs diet is only just over a week old, I will give an update on that site in a month or so.

Remember the backlink building that I undertook a while back? Well, the first thing I have realised is that finding relevant sites that are prepared to swap links is not easy and it is time-consuming work. I have had much more success with CD DJ than abs diet, which is hardly surprising really. After all, who wants to swap links with a crappy MFA diet site? There are loads of relevant DJ/music/tech sites and blogs out there, I’ve just emailed another batch this morning.


IE9 – time for a change?

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So, Microsoft have just announced the release of Internet Explorer 9 beta. It is available to ‘test drive’ now, as Microsoft like to say. I must admit to not having paid much attention to recent releases of Internet Explorer, I’m a confirmed Firefox user, and have been for some time. A look at the Google analytic logs for my websites suggests that many people feel the same way as I do. I am, however, starting to have a few gripes with Firefox. One problem I keep on having is web pages not displaying properly, they appear just as text links with no graphics. The home page for Digital Point is particularly prone to this. I also  keep having the Flash plugin crash on me, usually when I am embedding and previewing YouTube videos to my sites in XSitePro. So maybe it is about time I had a little look at IE9? Microsoft are promising the following:

  • A trim, clean and streamlined design, where “the browser is the backdrop of the web [and] the web is about the sites not the browser”.
  • New Javascript engine. Faster graphics. HTML5 video and audo tag support.
  • Security-enabled download manager.

It all sounds good. What the heck, I’m off for a test drive now!


EDIT. WARNING to XSitePro users. It seems that IE9 and XSitePro don’t get on. See the blog post here:


I think I will wait for the full version to be released…


Google Me

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Well, frak me, it’s Google Me… The rumours are now confirmed; Eric Schmidt has said that we will be getting Google Me “some time this Fall”. Google Me will be Google’s attempt at winning some of Facebook’s massive share of  the social networking market. Full story here:


So that is yet another another social network / marketing opportunity us poor webmasters will have to get to grips with…

To date, I have had more traffic to my two sites from Facebook than from any other source. I have made Facebook business pages for the two sites, and I post updates to the wall whenever there is something nice to share. It will be interesting to see if Facebook keeps up with Google when my two sites get fully indexed and start to appear in search engine results.

Toodle pip


Reciprocal backlink building

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

I decided to spend a little time on building relevant reciprocal backlinks for CD DJ.

What I did was to look at my main competitors and then used various tools to see who was linking to them. This was a useful site, which I hadn’t seen before:


I then identified about six possibilities and sent them an email along these lines:

Hello my name is Goatboy. I run www.cd-dj.net the new online resource for the digital DJ.

I have already gone ahead and added  a link to your site at:


I am contacting you to see if it is OK to have done so. Also, I would like to ask if you mind linking back to us?

Hope to hear from you soon.


I will give each site a week, then if they haven’t linked to me, I will delete their link.

The other thing I done on the CD DJ link page is to delete all the links to manufacturer sites. There isn’t any point in sharing the love if they aren’t going to love me back!

I will let you know how the link share effort went in a week’s time.


Wheat from the chaff

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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One of the hardest things I have found so far in my internet marketing efforts has been in finding good, no-nonsense guidance on the whole business. OK, there certainly is a lot of info out there, but a lot of it is dross. Have a read of Warrior forum or Digitalpoint, sure there is some good stuff on there, but you are going to need to filter out all the rubbish. So what have been my most useful sources of info to date?

SEO Made Easy by Brad Callen. A good guide, if a little basic, and there is a lot of use of paid utilities, which is a bit annoying. Can be downloaded online (cough).

XSitePro forums. These forums are obviously for those of us using XSitePro software, but I have found them to be a very good, no-fuss resource. I ask a question, and it usually gets answered. It may take a while, as the forums are not busy, but I usually do get a response. Plus, I’m getting a backlink from every post, and they are appearing in my Yahoo Site Explorer links very quickly indeed. I don’t know how much benefit it is to have loads of backlinks from one source, but it certainly can’t do any harm.

Anyone else recommend anything that might be useful?



Almost forgot… I thought this video was very good: