Lessons learned…

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I’ve had to put the IM stuff to one side recently as I’ve been busy with other things. So what have I learned so far?

1. Don’t launch a new site with loads of pages, especially if those pages don’t contain much text. Google will take forever to index it. Do a few pages at a time, and build things up slowly.

2. Text is everything. Good quality, unique text content is what really counts. I now aim for 300 words minimum per page, ideally 500 plus.

3. Try to get some links to your new page. I will usually try to link from my home page and also link from my Facebook page.

4. Pictures are good, with relevant Alt text, of course.

5. Reciprocal link building is hard work but worth the effort. I got one influential French music blog to link to CD-DJ from their front page and I’m getting loads of link juice from it.

6. Ezinearticles is a great way of both building links and getting traffic. Write a good, unique article and it will get picked up and used elsewhere. They seem to particularly like articles on a ‘My Top Ten’ theme.

7. Build a Facebook business page and post regular updates on your wall. Join other relevant pages and post links to your site on the wall there. For example, I posted a link to my page about some new Pioneer headphones on the Facebook page for fans of the CDJ-2000 deck. That got loads of traffic to my site. When linking like this from Facebook it is really useful if your page also has a relevant image. If it does, this will appear on your post as a funky little icon image. This looks much better than just a text posting.

8. Don’t keep tweaking stuff without taking the time to monitor the results. For example, when I change my Adsense layout I will now monitor the CTR for at least a week to see what the results are.

9. It is going to take time. Google sure isn’t in a rush to give new sites a decent page ranking.

10. Don’t expect to get rich quick!



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